Marshall County Health Department


Environmental Department

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The Environmental Department is located next door to the main health department building, in the red brick house on the corner of Birch and 12th Street.

Routine office hours are 8:00am through 9:30am Monday through Friday. Appointments may be made for alternate times. The state plumbing inspector’s hours are 8:00am through 9:30am on Tuesday and Friday; appointments are not made for the plumbing inspector for alternate times or days.

The Environmental Department serves to protect the health of the community by focusing on and the enforcement of legal and regulatory standards compliance through surveillance of environmental factors and inspection programs.

Our programs are broken down in to the following categories: Food, Facilities Management, Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Systems, and Radon Other environmental programs regulated by the Environmental Department include: onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems with subsurface discharges (septic systems), septic tank cleaners, certified installers of wastewater systems, private water supplies, vectors and bird roosts and nuisance control, radon, and more.

Meet the Environmental staff


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Juli Conner, RN, BSN, REHS
Environmental Director

Barbara Selwitz, SSA, Environmental
Team Leader of Office Operations

Michael Carlson, REHS
Inspector for onsite wastewater treatment & disposal systems, facilities

Austin Boaz, REHS
Inspector for food & facilities