Marshall County Health Department

The Marshall County Health Department HANDS program serves all first time parents who live in Marshall County. Being a first time parent can be stressful, and HANDS wants to support families through this time. There is no cost to the family for this service.

Participation can begin during pregnancy or anytime before the baby is 12 weeks of age.

The HANDS program provides information to families about community resources and ways to help support your baby’s development.

HANDS helps families learn more about
* Having a healthy pregnancy
* Caring for a new baby
* How to bond with a new baby
* How to support baby’s development
* Making your home safe and healthy

HANDS helps families improve
* Home Safety
* Coping Skills
* Support System
* Amount of Stress
* Discipline Techniques
* Anger Management Skills

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Joanna Colson at (270)252-2726.

HANDS Staff Members
Joanna Colson RN—270-252-2726--HANDS Program Coordinator
Brittany Tapp---270-252-2727 FSW Home Visitor

For more information about the program, click the link below.

HANDS Believes
All parents want to be good parents.
All parents want their children to be healthy.
All families have strengths.
Families are responsible for their children.
Families are the primary decision makers for their children.
Communities recognize their role in children’s lives.
Communities recognize that all children must succeed.
Prevention and early intervention improve the community’s well being.
Public and private partnerships are vital to a successful program.